An interesting start to this morning, full house but one guest a gentleman who was the boss of a utility company, was up to visit his Rep, he asked us last night if we could make an extra breakfast as he wanted to discuss business with this guy before heading out.No problem, the two of them had breakfast spent some time talking and started preparing to leave.
I was in the kitchen as Liz was cleaning up the dining room. Heard Liz talking to the rep he was trying to sell her a new energy contract ,thought to myself this is going to be interesting may make myself a cup of coffee and listen to hear how this is going to go.
I hear him blabbing on and Liz saying no we are happy with who we have just now. But maybe he was hard of hearing as he kept on going, i am smiling to myself, as 46 years of marriage i know this lady inside out and when she says NO she means No, Turning to put the kettle on i see her stance changing and the arms getting folded. Shit i thought, no chance of a coffee now.”Listen to me” i heard her say “we are going to have to agree to disagree” voices getting raised just yards away from the dining room with two guests from Holland still getting breakfast. The tirade is about to start thinks me “So i have told you no that’s the end of it move”And with that he did walked away stood outside at his car waiting on his boss coming down . do not think we shall see them again.